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[RANT 02] Respect The Struggle


Respect the damn struggle!

I’m not even talking about YOUR struggle.

I’m talking about her struggle. His struggle. THEIR struggle.

We get so caught up in “OUR” journey.

We’re told that we’re the hero of our journey, right?


But for heavens sakes, don’t let your ego get in the way.

Let’s put all that narcissism on hold for a minute. Just a minute.

And let’s think for a second…

What about the OTHER heroes?

What about everyone else around you? Those that follow you?

And what they’ve accomplished based on where they came from?

Based on their circumstances?

You might run a mile without breaking a sweat. Others would have
to give their all.

You might close a $10,000 sale in a single call. Others toil for
months to make the same.

And just so we’re straight…

I’m not telling you to disregard your story or journey.

I’m not telling you to stop sharing.

I’m just saying you oughta widen your bubble.

Show Insight. Humility. Respect.

You might actually gain more followers. Get more respect. Impact more people.

Just remember…

You ain’t the only one.

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[RANT] One Guy Launched A Website & Made Millions Without A Single Employee


Okay, so this article had been making headlines. Everyone’s going CRAZY about this. But just hang on a second, will you?

Here’s this guy, Scott (now 32), who launched ViralNova back in mid-2013. He sold his company and now expects to make upto $100 million in cash and stocks.

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Where’s Your Clipboard?


I took this shot while in a HotTopic store a few days ago.

What stands out?

The “BUY ONE, GET ONE 50% OFF SALE” sign, right?

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How To Deal With A Dilemma With A Rubber Band

How To Deal With A Dilemma With A Rubber Band

You’re in a tough situation. Possibly life-altering. And you’re stuck between two great options. Maybe it’s about a career change. Maybe it’s about moving to another city. Whatever the case, it’s a tough choice. And the arguments for and against are evenly balanced. What do you do?

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