How To Deal With A Dilemma With A Rubber Band

How To Deal With A Dilemma With A Rubber Band

You’re in a tough situation. Possibly life-altering. And you’re stuck between two great options. Maybe it’s about a career change. Maybe it’s about moving to another city. Whatever the case, it’s a tough choice. And the arguments for and against are evenly balanced. What do you do?

The solution may sound similar to the good ole “What are the pros and cons?” but it’s different. So pay attention.

You simply ask yourself:

What is HOLDING me? What is PULLING me?

Imagine two rubber bands yanking you to two opposing sides. One holding you back. The other pulling you forward. Which force is stronger?

By approaching the dilemma with this “holding/pulling” question, it’s no longer about what’s “negative” (the con) and what’s “positive” (the pro). Instead, they are both POSITIVE questions and reflect a situation with two attractive alternatives.

Try it. Oh, and don’t forget to listen to your gut too.

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