Firstly, I know there are MANY people you can follow, MANY sites you can read, and MANY resources you can soak up. So let me THANK YOU. I seriously appreciate you stopping by here and checking out this website.

On this page, I’m supposed to tell you a bunch of “fancy stuff” about me so I can earn your trust. You know, do that humble-brag thing.

Fair enough? Let’s go.

So Who Am I?

Always wanting to help and make the world a better place, I decided to go to Medical School. I graduated with my Medical Degree at age 23. But in the back of my head, I always knew I wanted to do something else too – business.

My reasoning? The more successful my business was, the more I could do to “make the world a better place.” Cliché, right? It’s the truth. But I believe that while businesses must be for a profit, the profit must be for a purpose.

So there I was, age 23, medical degree on hand, putting my medical career on pause to start up a social media “agency” from my bedroom. During my first month, I made $100. But 9 months later? I was making $20,000/month. I was onto something and my friends weren’t calling me “crazy” anymore.

What Do I Do?

I own and manage SocialRank Media and Khan Consulting Inc. We work with professionals from companies of all sizes and shapes. We help folks figure out how to make more sales via digital marketing, with a special focus on social media.

Rosh Meeting Daymond John from the famous business show, Shark Tank

Who Have I Worked With?

I’ve been invited to the White House. And I’ve worked with Starbucks, Armani Exchange, Ford, and other Fortune 500s. Hundreds of small and medium businesses across the world. Best-selling authors such as Lewis Howes and Jack Canfield.

Dr. Rosh Khan at White House in Washington DC

What’s Interesting To Me?

While I THRIVE on thriving businesses, I also believe in serving the under-privileged. Leading the Global Shapers Community – Georgeown Hub from 2014-2015, I’ve been involved in many humanitarian projects. With the amazing team of Shapers, we provided school supplies and stationery to hundreds of students in the Hinterland, built a library, launched a seminar series for young professionals, and more.

Rosh - With Students At Matthew's Ridge

Rosh - YouthLink - Talking To Audience

Anything Else?

I’m old news. I want to hear about YOU. I want us to talk about how we can get YOU to where you want to be with your life and business. Click on CONTACT and let’s some time to chat .

Where Else Can You Find Me Online?