[RANT] One Guy Launched A Website & Made Millions Without A Single Employee


Okay, so this article had been making headlines. Everyone’s going CRAZY about this. But just hang on a second, will you?

Here’s this guy, Scott (now 32), who launched ViralNova back in mid-2013. He sold his company and now expects to make upto $100 million in cash and stocks.

$100M in 2 years? Pretty phenomenal by any standard.

But I’m seeing people post things like “Fired up” and “What a simple strategy” and “It was so easy for him. I can do this!”

….really now?

Let’s take a minute to clear the air and get a few things straight:

1) Scott spotted a trend and JUMPED on it. He didn’t “seize the day”. He seized the MOMENT. Carpe Articulum!

2) He continuously put in 16-hour days.

3) He pushed beyond wanting to throw in the towel — not due to his own exhaustion but due to Facebook changing its algorithms which completely crushed the viral reach of his site.

4) He realized (with some coaxing) that he could no longer be a “sales force one” and needed a team. He HIRED a CEO, CFO, and CTO. ViralNova now has 22 full-time employees.

So, look, it’s fine for you to be inspired. But do realize it was NOT some half-assed attempt. Beyond inspiration that will taper off in two weeks (if even that long), you need COMMITMENT.

Ask yourself: Can I truly commit? Can I do what really needs to be done?

Yes? Then forge forward, my friend. You’ve got what it takes!

No? Then don’t fool yourself. Either get committed OR sit back down and look for just another link to click on.

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