What You Can Learn From Me Saving $2


Are you aware of the “surprise and delight” concept?

In short, it’s when a business does something unexpected that the customer likes.

Well… you’re going to want to hear this.

Two nights back, I made a quick trip to Waldbaum’s. It’s a supermarket I hadn’t been to in over a year. I used to be a regular.

But something caught my attention.

On the receipt, it showed a savings of $2.00.

Strange… because I didn’t flash my Walbaums Rewards Card.

I asked the cashier how I got the savings and was told that I no longer needed the card. They would apply all available coupons to every customer!

I was “surprised and delighted”.

$2 may not be a whole lot but it’s the PRINCIPLE I’m highlighting here.

Two other companies that I’ve interacted with lately, Post Planner & Vistaprint, did something similar.

PostPlanner automatically applied a coupon so I could get 45% OFF their annual subscription.

VistaPrint automatically applied a coupon so I could get a batch of extra business cards for FREE.

Both times, I wasn’t expecting it. Both times, I was pleasantly surprised.

And now, I’m way more inclined to buy again.

I once visited a restaurant and while walking OUT the door, the waiter presented me with a chocolate-covered strawberry on a stick – totally on the house! The food was good but truly, it was the waiter presenting the on-the-house dessert that left a great after-taste/thought.

Guess what? I went back.

So to bring this all home…

Here are some things you can ask yourself:

1) How can I incorporate SIMPLE “surprise and delight” ideas into my business?

2) How can I go the “extra mile” for my customers so they come back for more?

3) How can I alternate my “unannounced bonus” so it’s always fresh?

4) Is what I’m offering RELEVANT to my customers?

Chew on that for a bit. And if you take action, your business will be better because of it.

As someone wise once said, “That’s all folks!”

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