Where’s Your Clipboard?


I took this shot while in a HotTopic store a few days ago.

What stands out?

The “BUY ONE, GET ONE 50% OFF SALE” sign, right?

Look, that’s all fine and dandy, but with the eyes of an ENTREPRENEUR, what REALLY stands out?

See that clipboard with some beat up pages attached to it?

Go ahead and zoom in on it.

What do you see?

On the wall with all their best-selling t-shirts, HotTopic has chosen to ASK their (potential) customers for what THEY want.

What does this accomplish?

1) It leverages the foot traffic already in the store.

2) It captures their attention and engages them. They’re now a “part of the process”.

3) It reduces risk for the company’s next batch. HotTopic now knows what their customers want.


So this begs the question:

How are YOU listening to your customers? And what systems are you putting in place?

All in all…

Where’s your clipboard?

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